Our First House!

It’s official!
The house inspection went very well! Our Uhaul is booked, our walls are bare and our hallway is beginning to look like a storage space. I’m trying to take it just one day at a time and not let myself be overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of work to be done and details to be taken care of before we move. Who am I kidding? I am feeling overwhelmed. I have been fighting it with scripture and praise. When I feel the never ending to do list flooding my mind, I turn the Christian music up a little louder and sing my heart out to the One who will give me true peace. And when I just can’t bare the mess of the apartment anymore, the girls and I leave for a walk or get in the car and take off for a few hours.
It is so funny to me how we waited literally years for Ben’s residency to come through and then once it did, BOOM! Ben goes to NZ, he gets a promotion, we get approved for a mortgage, we buy a house. The roller coaster just sped up a whole lot these last few months and we are holding on and trying to give thanks in every moment. We have been so very blessed! God is so good!!
Only 21 days to go now! Owning your own home is really nothing like paying rent. In our apartment building if something breaks, we call the landlord. In our house, it’s all on us. It is going to be really special but also requires trust in God that He knows what we can handle. I thought that Lucy would be very confused by the whole thing and get upset when she saw me packing but she has been great about it! She asks everyday if we can see the new house and asks when she can play in her new backyard. She has even been helping me pack sheets, blankets and some toys.
Look what I found when I was taking the garbage out the other night? A really sweet little picnic table for my munchkins to enjoy their outdoor meals on. They love it and Abigail is forever climbing it. I have given up on trying to stop her. She has also figured out how to climb the double bed in the spare room by gripping with her toes and pulling herself up.
There hasn’t been much happening here other than lots of packing, playing, praying, feeding, bathing, and changing the girls. There isn’t really time for much else and I am perfectly content with that since I know that in a few short weeks we will have lots of time to unpack and enjoy our first summer in our new home. I hope that this whole house thing isn’t boring you guys. It’s just so consuming when it’s all going down! I did want to share a picture with you though of a little planting box that our home owners are leaving behind for us. What do you think we should plant? We’ve never planted a proper vegetable garden before and we are super excited about it!

4 thoughts on “Our First House!

  1. Tomatoes, carrots (so yummy fresh!), snow peas, beans, beets, zucchini, cucumbers… my favorites from my parent’s garden growing up 🙂 Congratulations on the house! If you guys need help moving just let us know!

  2. So happy! Late on the comments because our life has been nuts lately too. We're praying the girls are all better now. :)As for the veggies can I sat that carrots and radishes are ridiculously easy? You can repeated plan the radishes throughout the season. Rob & Mary have had a lot of success with potatoes, pumpkins (beware they take over!!) and rhubarb. They might even give you a cutting of some plants and advice if you ask!

  3. Congrats a million times over Katie and family!I would reccomend tomatoes (if not in the bed in a pot on the deck) and maybe some bib lettuce (sprinkle flour around the bed to get rid of un wanted slugs, or even a cup of beer near the lettuce itseself) and radish and peas and carrots. these are all pretty easy to tend and even easier to enjoy!!!

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