Two Sick Babes

The girls are just coming off of 48 hours straight of fevers. Luckily, my husband was off work the last two days to help out. With him gone back to work this morning, I took the girls to a walk-in clinic where they did a swab for strep throat. We will find out tomorrow whether or not we need to start them on antibiotics. I originally thought that maybe they were just cutting more teeth since they always seem to get fevers when they cut big teeth. My mom was suspicious though and told me I should look into the back of their throats with a flashlight and see how they looked. Whoa! Big. White. Spots. Hello, infection! Yikes. That was when I knew it would be worth a trip to see the doctor. As we were waiting to be seen, Lucy is proclaiming loud enough for others to hear, “I can’t (aka DON’T) like the doctor. I can’t like him.” I knew it was going to happen so I braced myself, but as soon as we got into his office, Lucy screamed the place down. You’d think he was about to cut her leg off. Of course as soon as Abigail saw Lucy so distressed she started up. Ugh. How can I make them understand that it is not scary and he isn’t going to hurt them? I’m guessing it is an age thing combined with the fact that our Lucy is incredibly sensitive to doctors, and all of the things they do when we visit them.
On a more positive note, it was 15 degrees Celsius outside today. Shut the front door, right?? Fifteen whole degrees! The sun was shining, the girls were slowly starting to come around from their fevers/sore throats, so we enjoyed a little time on the deck watching cars and reading library books.
If I might say a word about the library….it’s fantastic! We go every Friday for their “Just for two’s” program, and they are great about bringing siblings if need be. Lucy loves it. They read a few stories to the kids, they bring out little instruments and sing a few songs, and they have puppets and always a craft. Lucy just loves craft time because it always involves a glue stick and really, what two year old doesn’t think glue is awesome? We make sure to return our books and get new ones every week since we read them repeatedly throughout the days. I still remember going to the library when we were kids and loving that outing. My mom had made us each our own little cloth bag to carry our books. I’m hoping that once we’re settled into the new house and things are unpacked that I can get to work on making one for Lucy.
Until then, I am just trying to make the most of these last few weeks of living in our apartment. When we moved in, we agreed that this would be the last apartment we would live in before buying our own home, and I have to say that it feels really wonderful to have accomplished that. We have been so blessed with two beautiful, healthy girls and can’t wait to watch them run around like mad and I am anticipating Lucy asking a million times, “what’s that?” while Abbie just points at everything.
This time of our life is so fleeting. They will not always be this small. They will not always want me to rock them until they fall into a feverish sleep. They will not always come to me with all of their hurts. I know what teenage girls can be like, because I remember how awful I was to my mother and I just pray that I will have the courage to still be offering my love, my arms, my smile and my comfort even when it gets rejected at times. Oh, how many times has Jesus tried to hold me and I have squirmed to get away, too ashamed to let Him just love me. God give me the courage to sit still in Your embrace and be filled with Your love, that I might better understand you and that I might have more to give others. God, give me courage to always have the tender heart of your mother for these girls of mine who are only getting bigger and more independent by the day.


4 thoughts on “Two Sick Babes

  1. I'm sorry to hear that the girls are sick. It's so hard and upsetting when there is pretty much nothing we can do as moms to make them better. But it is nice to enjoy the beautiful fresh air isn't it? I am so excited for you and Ben and the girls and your NEW HOUSE! It's just awesome, and I know you'll love it!

  2. My Goodness Katie, that last paragraph made me tear up!Time goes by so quickly and you're right, we have to take it all in. We're always moving and have new postings and friends and homes that sometimes I forget to stop and say- I love this, right now! Praying for an easy and fun move and transition to your new home!Tori

  3. Yes! To all of this! I felt like I could have written this blog post (except for the fear of doctors – Cameron hasn't gotten there yet). Cam's been so sick this past month and a bit. We're finally into a relatively sick-free zone, although he has had a permanent runny nose and my forever puke-free baby now vomits on occasion for no apparent reason. And to think I'm calling that sick-free! :)Your reflection at the end of this post was beautiful.Praying that your girls feel better and you and Ben are kept healthy!

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