Here’s The Plan

One of the first questions I asked myself after we bought our new house was, “What are we going to do for Easter?” Not that we would somehow just skip it, but how would we be able to fully celebrate when everything would hopefully be packed by then? We reached Palm Sunday and I hadn’t yet answered this question in my mind and the panic was beginning to set in. We already have plans to eat Easter Sunday dinner at my mum’s house but what of the rest of the Triduum? Friends, lookie what I stumbled upon today..

I don’t know what to do for Easter.

We don’t need fine china, or our best table linens or even cute little Easter decorations this year. We just need to celebrate that Jesus is going to raise from the dead. You know what that means? Some feasting. Some fasting. Lots of prayer & mass time. Naps. Chocolate. Wine. Blowing bubbles out on the curb with my girls and giving thanks for LIFE!

I know that once we are settled nicely into our new home and our girls grow older with each year, Easter traditions will begin to form in our family. For now I am going to make a little list of feasting foods for this weekend to come and make sure I have all of the ingredients for hot cross buns, unlike last year. So, if you are like me and trying to figure out how to best celebrate this coming weekend, let’s focus on what Easter is really about and not get our panties in a twist stressing over things that don’t matter (i.e everything being matchy and Martha Stewart-esque). Instead, let’s give our homes a good tidy up and get to feasting! I think Lucy and I might get our aprons on and get into the kitchen to bake up some special treats for Sunday’s dinner.

Bless you! Thanks for reading about our little life.


2 thoughts on “Here’s The Plan

  1. I so look forward to your posts. 🙂 This one – and that link – was a good reminder for me to take it kind of slow this weekend – not fussing over details that nobody but me will notice or appreciate! I'm sure our kids will learn more about the importance of Easter (and the days leading up to it) by our demeanor, our reverence and our joy than any craft we might come up with, or how beautifully our table is set.I hope you all have a truly blessed Easter – the last one you'll celebrate in a rented home. 🙂

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