The time has finally come. Most of everything we own is in boxes or Rubbermaid bins and we are ready to go. This year’s Easter was exactly what we needed this year. Last year Abigail was only about 6 weeks old at Easter and I honestly don’t remember much of that time. Ben had just started working his second job for five nights of the week and we were all pretty exhausted.
This year, I was able to get to Holy Thursday mass which I have not done in several years. We went to the Good Friday service as a family where Lucy was very pleased that she was able to ”kiss her feet”. She is in the stage of figuring out her he’s and she’s and still mixing them up most of the time. We had a very quiet Good Friday spending most of the day at home, puttering around, napping and praying. In the end I decided not to make hot cross buns. We had a lovely Lebanese meal the night before and I had made a big carrot cake for dessert. We ate the leftovers of that as our small meals for fasting. It was really different for me this year as well because it was the first Lent/Triduum in three years that I was able to participate in the fast. I found it really did help me to focus and truly connect to the heart of the day.
Holy Saturday was quiet for us since Ben was working. We played with some friends in the morning and did all of our last minute preparations that night. We both would love to participate in the Easter vigil but have decided that that will come in time when our little ones are older and can handle the sleep disruption. I just don’t see the point in spending half of the mass trying to calm over-tired babes so that everyone else can enjoy the evening. We went to bed that night after laying out our Easter goodies and setting up our refreshed altar. I wish I had a picture to show you as it’s quite lovely but sweet Lucy broke our camera lens and we only have pictures from my mum’s camera.
On Easter morning the girls got up to find empty baskets in their rooms.  Upon opening their doors they found a lovely trail of colourful plastic eggs to collect which led them into the living room and to our family altar. I put away all of our Lenten decor and replaced it with a white sheet, our big print of the Divine Mercy, our statue of Mary, some flowers and all of our treats. Ben asked Lucy, “What happens today?” and she replied, “Jesus is Aliveeeeeeeeee!” We had a delicious coffee cake, made by my darling husband and fruit salad for breakfast then got on our Sunday best. After mass we all had a nap and then headed up to my mum’s for supper. We had delicious pineapple ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts, butternut squash and really cute birds nest cupcakes for dessert.
For the cupcakes I just toasted some medium coconut, made an easy buttercream icing, and decorated the tops with mini eggs. Lucy really did most of the work. It’s a very easy dessert for kids to help with. Especially if you make the icing runny enough for them to also dunk the cupcake top into.

Tomorrow is our closing date so we will be doing the final walk through of the house at 9:00 am. This will be the first time we see the house empty and I am really looking forward to it! Until then I have much cleaning to do….the really boring kind like scrubbing out the insides of all the kitchen cabinets. Pray for me! I will try to be back in this space next week sometime once we are more settled. I will hopefully have some pictures to show then! Have a blessed weekend!

One thought on “Hallelujah!

  1. sounds like you are super busy! I happen to like the "scrubbing out the cabinets" kind of cleaning (it is my specialty), so let me know if you need help. I come home Tuesday, and I would definitely be up for a day of scrubbing, or whatever.

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