Auntie Michelle

We had a really lovely time with Ben’s little sister, Michelle, when she came to visit us all the way from New Zealand. The girls warmed to her pretty quickly and they had great fun getting ‘Auntie Michelle’ to read them story after story after story. They even tried getting her to read some of our french books, silly girls. We had a whole week to spend together and we saw the sights of Halifax. The most fun, I think, was the night we went to The Lower Deck (sans little girls, obviously) for drinks and to see Signal Hill play. The night was topped off with a trip to Pizza Corner for Ben and Michelle. We also walked the boardwalk, hit up Cow’s ice cream and saw Theodore Tugboat.

It was so sad to see her go and the girls cried as they watched our car pull away with Ben driving Michelle to the airport. Lucy asked about her for days and now says to me, “Auntie Michelle is in New ZealaAAAnd” We feel so blessed to have seen nearly everyone from Ben’s family in these last five years that he has been in Canada. They have made such an effort to come and see us and we are so thankful. We are looking forward to a visit from Granddad in October for a few days. He hasn’t met either of the girls yet and we know they are going to have a grand time getting to know one another.

We had our housewarming this last Sunday and it went beautifully. Lots of lovely people showed up to celebrate our new house with us. The sun was out, the kids got covered in dirt and ran around in the backyard. I always hoped that our home would be filled with love, laughter and warmth and I believe we achieved that all in one day. It’s so wonderful having the space to accomodate everyone that we want to include in our life here and we are so very blessed to have such awesome family and friends who don’t mind trekking out to Timberlea to see us. God has been very good to us and I am feeling so filled up by Him who knows only how to give good gifts to his children. Thanks for coming to my blog and still reading even when I haven’t been around in weeks. I am just trying to soak up this time of our life together, getting settled into our new place and making it really feel like home. Bless you! I hope you are getting some sunshine wherever you are. xo.


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