A Mother’s Retreat

In about 6 hours I am leaving for my first ever weekend away from my girls. I have not been apart from them for more than a few hours and they are usually in bed while I am gone. I have a million different feelings about it. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m tired. I don’t really know what to expect. It has been nearly 3 full years since I was away from my children for something ‘fun’. The last time I was away from Lucy was when I was in the hospital having Abigail and even then she came to see me everyday. It’s hard to imagine not seeing their sweet little faces at the breakfast table or missing out on their funny interactions but I know that it is good for me. It will do me good to rest, to pray, to knit and to refocus myself. The weekend will be spent at my mother’s house, only 20 minutes away from our home but that is all I need. I’m excited to enjoy some quiet to myself and to see my mom and some of my siblings. I have been so very blessed with a husband who not only understands this need but who is encouraging me to go. He will fine with the girls and I am so confident in him who is so patient with them and has fun with them in his special daddy way.

I know I haven’t been around here much lately but we have been living a very full summer of BBQ’s, fellowship, a housewarming, a baby shower for friends. We haven’t yet had anyone come to officially bless our new house, but I can say that it has already been blessed in many other ways by the coming and going of so many dear family and friends. Ben and I have always loved to host and share with others and we finally see that happening in this new place.

If you could please say a prayer for myself and our family that everything would go smoothly this weekend, I would be so thankful. I don’t want this mama heart of mine worrying the entire time that I am away, otherwise why bother, right? Ben is more than capable, it’s only 48 hours, and all will be well. I’ll be back here next week hopefully to share how my retreat went. I hope you’re having a really full and blessed summer!


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