Christmas in July

You had to know this was coming. If I had things my way, we would be in perpetual Advent. Oh, how I love me some Christmas. I really dislike the idea of waiting until December 1st to begin preparations. This past winter I learned to knit and so I have high hopes of making a few special things for those I love between now and that blessed morning. There are no specific projects in mind yet other than finishing our Advent calendar which is sitting in pieces in a Rubbermaid bin somewhere. What I would like to share is something extremely wonderful I happened upon in Value Village last night. If you’ve been there before you’ll probably remember that there is a long wall covered in bags of random stuff. Well, as I was walking by something caught my eye. It was a bag of little wooden figurines. Upon looking closer I identified the pieces as a nativity set! I know we already have a little Tykes nativity set but can you ever have enough baby Jesuses, really? The bag cost me $1.99 + Tax. When I got home and ripped open the bag I discovered that there were 3 whole sets! Each mini bag contained three of the same figurines. Here is one of the sets grouped together…

Isn’t it great? Perfect for little hands to play with. My hope is to sew up a few drawstring bags and give them as gifts to friends of our girls. I think any child would be happy to play with these. I like putting thought and time into what we will give our children, our friends and our family for Christmas and so…Christmas in July! Have any of you started thinking about what you will do in preparation? or what you will make and/or give? I would love to hear about it all. Blessings to you today!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. I've started! I love, love, love Advent. I love the waiting and the preparation and the music and the parallel to waiting for the second coming. Everything feel so exciting and purposeful.As a crafty person, I love to think of really thoughtful gifts. My extended family tends to worry about us financially, so giving inexpensive thoughtful gifts is like giving two gifts to them. I've knit dishcloths and made earrings. In my ambition I didn't quite finish the hand-print snowman ornaments for last year, so I'll just include them in this years gift. This year I might step it up with more simple crafts like hot chocolate mixes and colourful mittens. I also have a sewing project planned for my mom. In terms of shopping I've been trying to get all our drug store needs on 20x the points events at Shoppers Drug Mart so I can use them on the bonus redemption day right before Christmas (200$ of snack food, stocking stuffers and small gifts for free should make a big difference to the budget.) I've also been using a search engine called Swagbucks, and saving up the points so I can redeem them for giftcards – likely books for Amata. I have to start early this year because of National Novel Writing Month in November, and my complete inability to handle shopping malls in December. Hmm, I'll have to write a blog about this soon (or maybe just cut and paste this comment -ha!)

  2. I'm always thinking of Christmas! I'm going to take up knitting too in hopes of making some simple things for the kiddies. I hand-made a lot of gifts last year and it was so tremendously satisfying I can't wait to do it again!

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