Welcome September!

Here we are already September and i’m asking myself where the entire summer went? The days didn’t feel busy or rushed but come the end of the week I wondered how it could have flown by so quickly. The furthest we ventured from home this year was to visit my sister and her family in Moncton. Other than that we stayed pretty close to home enjoying our first summer with a backyard all our own and a few day trips nearby. There has been a lot of time spent eating watermelon, hanging out in the kiddie pool, playing on our neighbours swings and just being together. A good part of our summer here wasn’t the warmest and I needed to bite my tongue to not wish the time away until Autumn. I cannot tell a lie, I am so happy to see cool days coming with the promise of sweet hot drinks, warm blankets and good books.

Easily my favorite picture taken last Autumn

Everything about this weather makes me want to cook using our stockpot, light candles and knit. I know that Autumn inevitably brings Winter but I ignore that and fall madly in love with this season every single year. Here is a short list of things that I love about Autumn…

The excuse to drink more hot drinks

Dark house = more evenings by candlelight

It feels nearly time to watch my favorite movie, “You’ve Got Mail”

The rhythm of daily school bus sightings from our living room window

School supplies

Everything pumpkin flavored / scented

Apple pies, apple butter, apple sauce, sour cream apple cake (Ben’s favorite)

Pumpkin Loaf

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hawksley Workman – Autumn’s Here

My mom’s birthday

Lucy’s birthday

Exciting feast days


My crockpot

Playing outside without hats, sunscreen or sweat

My red boots


My first Autumn of knowing how to knit!!


Putting my pajamas on mid afternoon

More desserts after supper

Fall decorations

How everything is sad but beautiful and still so full of life

Changing of the leaves

If you are a lover of fall, I would love to hear what you are looking forward to as these days get cooler and darker….


2 thoughts on “Welcome September!

  1. It's vain, I know, but my favourite thing about fall every year is the clothes. 🙂 I don't do shorts (odd legs), so I welcome jeans weather. I have a great collection of super-cute fall jackets – now I get to bring them out again.My second favourite thing would have to be fall/winter cooking. My crockpot basically hides all summer, and now I say bring on the soups! the stews! the chillis! the roast dinners with all the fixings! And this year, my promise to myself is that we will have our chimney properly cleaned so we can look forward to crisp evenings curled up in front of our woodstove. Yum. :)(Oh, and maybe I'll start blogging regularly again!)

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