Autumn Meal Plan

The time for soups and stews, crockpots and crisps is finally here! I could not be happier! Truth be told, I am a terrible summer cook. I grew up in a family that BBQ’ed a lot in the summer and it left me feeling like maybe we should just eat a bit of  whatever is in the fridge during hot days. I lack inspiration for meal planning during the summer, though I hope to get better at it with the years.

If you have been reading here since last Autumn, you might remember that I shared with you our month long meal plan. I won’t lie, it was totally unsuccessful and we didn’t stick to it. I think it was just too much variety and it made for expensive groceries. I still like the idea of meal planning and I think it can save you a lot of money so I am back at it!

After reading ‘Simplicity Parenting’ by Kim John Payne recently, I have decided to really simplify our meal plan for this fall. I usually make a new plan every single week and although it’s nice trying new things I actually find it a lot of work and the girls start asking for their favorites over and over again. We decided to put together a week’s worth of our absolute favorite meals and use it week after week for at least a few months and see how we like it. The beauty of it is that it makes groceries a no brainer and I can shop for all of my pantry/freezer stuff for the month in one trip. The other lovely thing is that one batch of soup or stew is enough for two meals and I can freeze enough for the following week. Here is what we will be eating:

Sunday: Pork roast, applesauce, mashed potatoes, veggie of some kind

Monday: Chicken Stew and breadrolls

Tuesday: Cottage pie made with leftover roast

Wednesday: Pumpkin Soup and breadrolls

Thursday: Crockpot Vegetarian Chili

Friday: Cabbage Rolls

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

I will try and remember to blog about this in a few weeks and let you know how it’s going. Lucy is very excited about Pumpkin soup and has been talking about it for a few weeks now. I take so much comfort in these meals and these recipes that have been part of me since I was a child. I cannot wait to start making apple crisps and do more baking with the girls. The air is definitely changing and we are grateful for these days that are slowly getting cooler. I even bought tights for the girls today!  A sure sign that the cool days are coming.


One thought on “Autumn Meal Plan

  1. Hey Katie! I’ve recently started a fall-menu meal planning schedule as well. My way:: Coupons come out on Sunday. I look at the coupons (as well as previous week’s coupons) and this week’s flyer for the grocery store. Then I put together a meal plan based on 1)what we’re craving (I ask Eric and Sophie too) 2)What’s on sale and what can be combined with coupons and 3)what we’ve already got in the house.
    Then on Monday, when Sophie is in pre-school, I go to the store armed with my precise list.
    Then I can make sure I have all the ingredients for my week’s worth of meals, and there won’t be any unexpected trips to the store thoughout the week- which always add up!!!
    I’ve found my grocery bill going WAY down by planning to have everything I need and use, and so based on the sales, too. I’m not overbuying and then having to throw out bad food, and not spending an extra $50-70 (yes, that much!) a week on extra trips to the store for this or that to complete a meal.

    Just my thoughts, it’s always nice to know how other people are doing it.
    PS- thanks for the reminder that it’s almost apple crisp time! LOVE! I also love making rich, home made apple sauce!


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