A Little Princess

Goodness, are we already October? I keep meaning to come and post pictures and tell you about all of the happenings of our household but the time is just flying. These weeks have been filled with celebrations aplenty, birthdays, feast days, a name day and quite a bit of knitting. Every time I had a few minutes to sit, I could only just bring myself to get a few more rows knitted and try to drink a whole cup of tea while it was hot. You know how the story goes i’m sure.

I don’t have many words to share about Lucy’s third birthday. I felt so emotional about it all, realizing how quickly she has grown into this beautiful little princess we see before us. This funny, bright, sensitive and talkative girl that fills my heart and challenges me to be more of who God called me to be every single day. We had a simple party of family and neighbours. A few gifts. Cupcakes. What more do you really need? I’m always being reminded by Lucy to keep things simple. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and her reply? “A cake and some cupcakes. That’s allllll I need” Oh, how I love this girl of mine.

Lovely Lucy,

Every day that we have at home together is a gift. These last 3 years of your life have been the most life-changing of mine. Thank you for being gentle with me. Thank you for loving me including and especially when I am not being the mama I wish I could be. You are a precious girl and I am honored to be your mama. To walk with you, love you, guide you and hold your hand as we learn this dance of living and loving and laughing. Thank you for being such a generous big sister, for sharing, for making Abigail laugh, for telling me if she is doing something naughty. You are truly a gift to our home and to our hearts Lulu. I love you baby girl. xoxox


2 thoughts on “A Little Princess

  1. This post is beautiful! Your note to your daughter made me cry…LOVE it! Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Barefoot mama, TX

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