Our First Real Tree

Two hours before I left for work yesterday, we made the impromptu decision to go out and get our Christmas tree. Luckily, there were two tree lots just down the road from us so it didn’t take long. It is our first real tree in our almost 5 years of marriage! We were all giddy with excitement bringing it into the house and breathing deeply the gorgeous smell of fresh pine.

When I returned home from work, I set about wrapping up some little books I bought them from a local thrift store that were in mint condition. There were also chocolate gold coins as per the tradition and a few candy canes to stir in our hot chocolate at breakfast this morning. This year also marks the second year running that we have had two NET team ladies staying in our home for this feast day! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me as their host mom to include them in our little traditions. It feels good and right to share what little we have with people who are giving of themselves to God’s beautiful ministry with young people. Our home has been truly blessed in having them under our roof!

The girls were very excited to see that St. Nicholas had paid them a visit and Lucy immediately asked when he might come again. She has come to a really fun age where she is beginning to remember the fun things our family celebrates. The smiles beaming from both of the girls faces keeps me feeling hopeful and grateful that we have decided to walk this road towards Christ in our family life. Did anyone else celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas? I would love to hear about it!


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