Through Mary, With Mary, In Mary and for Mary

We’ve had a week of celebrations here in the Andrews household. First with the feast of St. Nicholas followed by the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and then finally on Friday, our wedding anniversary.

I recently decided that I was ready to make my total consecration to Jesus through Mary following St. Louis de Montfort’s devotion. I tried once several years ago but my heart was not in it and my efforts didn’t last longer than a few days. This time however, my heart was ready to take that step. I can’t explain it eloquently, but I love Mary more and differently since becoming a wife and a mother. She is a beautiful example to me not only of true, pure womanhood but holy, selfless and loving marriage and motherhood. I know that when I tell Mary something, her Son is sure to hear of it. I am often surprised at the trivial things I bring to Mary, but always do I know how loved I am by her and in turn by her Son.

I once heard that with each Hail Mary we offer to Mary, she takes our intentions and delivers them as roses to Jesus. I like this imagery. The thought that all of my faults, my daily failings are taken by Mary and brought before her Son in the best light, the light of a mother who loves her child. 

I was grateful to Ben who took Thursday morning off so that I could make my consecration. I have to confess that I do not love reconciliation. I struggle with this, always. I desire to love it, mainly because I want my children to see that we love a merciful God who is about forgiveness…when will I finally learn that lesson??

 Anyways, we were getting ready to leave mass and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to make my confession so in my mind I thought, “darn…maybe next time. Oh well” and who should I see coming back up the aisle in his coat but the Priest! Ben said, “just ask him! go!” and I am thankful I did. He was lovely and kind and let me fumble and jumble and cry my way through the sacrament. I left feeling very loved and unburdened. God is so very good!

There have been many times in my life when I have thought I didn’t need Mary because I have such an incredible mother of my own. As I get older I can see that all of the beautiful things I love about my own mother are reflections of the true feminine beauty of Mary and I consider myself blessed to have two beautiful mothers! Just as I would call my mother and beg her prayers, her wisdom and her encouragement…so do I turn to Mary and do the very same. This consecration has brought about in me a greater desire to do all the little things I do with greater love, greater devotion, greater trust.

Tonight I finished my last shift at Starbucks for the week and am now looking forward to a few days rest with Ben at home. The days seem to blur all together lately and I am trying my best to be present for each of these days of Advent. I don’t remember Advent ever flying by so quickly before and I know this means I need to slowwww down. I think this week will be a week for baking cookies with the girls, singing Christmas songs and celebrating Lucy’s nameday on Wednesday.

If you would say a little prayer for Ben and I, my mother has kindly offered to stay the night here with the girls so that we can sneak away for an overnight stay at her place alone. We have not spent a night away from the girls (giving birth doesn’t count) since before Lucy was born! With 5 married years under our belts, I think perhaps we are due. Many blessings to you and your families in this new week of Advent!


5 thoughts on “Through Mary, With Mary, In Mary and for Mary

  1. I am so happy you are doing the consecration to Our Lady! I have been told by many people that soon after they do, Our Lady changes their life dramatically. Like, as in, friends of mine figured out what their vocation was soon after, or big prayer intentions they had been carrying for a long time were answered, and so on. So I am excited to see what amazing things she will do for you!

    I hope you enjoy your night away! You’re right, giving birth definitely does not count as a night away from the kids! LOL! I hope you are really enjoy 5 years of marriage, that’s quite a milestone!

  2. What a beautiful post, Katie! I always feel like I *should* have more of a Marian devotion, but it’s always a struggle for me. I know that when the time is right, my heart will be ready (probably without me even noticing it!).

    I must confess my envy over your night alone. We’re in the same boat – over five years of marriage, and never a night away from the kids. I haven’t even had a *single night* when I wasn’t either pregnant or breastfeeding OR both. I think we’re due for a break once Elena is weaned!

  3. Jenna! I cannot believe what you wrote … “big prayer intentions they had been carrying for a long time were answered” … this is so timely, I cannot tell you. What a blessing!

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