Advent Surprises

Those of you who have been walking with my family and I for awhile probably know that several months ago, we tried to start our own business. It was Ben’s biggest dream of having his very own local, sustainable butcher shop with grass fed and/or organic meats. After a lot of meetings with banks and investors we kept hitting the same wall over and over again of not having any of our own money to invest. Everyone we spoke to thought it was a brilliant idea but we just didn’t have what was needed to get it going. Though highly profitable, it is very expensive to set up.

Ben struggled daily to go to work, feeling as though there was no hope and that he would be stuck forever working in a job that he was already at the top of. God really pressed into him and asked Ben for total faithfulness, and to trust that He had a plan that would be revealed in His own time. It took a lot of tears and prayers but we got there. Ben found new joy in his work and held his head high as he put himself back into the swing of things. Fast forward a few months where I decided to make my consecration to Jesus through Mary. If you read my last post and the comments below it you will see that my friend Jenna said the following,

“I have been told by many people that soon after they do, Our Lady changes their life dramatically. Like, as in, friends of mine figured out what their vocation was soon after, or big prayer intentions they had been carrying for a long time were answered, and so on. So I am excited to see what amazing things she will do for you!”

Imagine my total joy when the day following my consecration, Ben received an email from the owner of the local, grass fed meats butcher shop at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market. He asked if Ben would mind contacting him to discuss something. That something was a job. A very much ‘Ben’s dream job’ job. A job that pays well enough that I have decided to quit my own job at Starbucks.

 It has been a very interesting Advent. Not the one I imagined. In all honesty, my house is a disaster (which is slowly on the mend) and we haven’t lit our wreath the last two weeks because we ran out of matches and actually haven’t had time to get new ones.

Watching my husband be head hunted and hired into a job he is excited about going to everyday has been a real gift to our family already. We will both finish up our jobs at the end of this year and Ben will begin in the first week of the new year at the Getaway Meat Mongers at the waterfront. I have so many feelings about all of this that I don’t know where to begin other than to say, God is good. God is very, very good. (and faithful, and trustworthy, and awesome, etc etc).

I have lots more to share but don’t know that I will be back here before Christmas as I have yet to finish Abigail’s leg warmers or wrap any gifts. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your families and friends and that God blesses you with a peaceful and hopeful heart!!


3 thoughts on “Advent Surprises

  1. Wow, it really seems like Our Lady just couldn’t wait until the 25th to give your whole family such an incredible gift. What a blessing!

  2. I want to cry. What a miracle! Even though I made that comment, I really would have never guessed such a special prayer intention would come through. As a friend (Sr. Joseph Andrew) says, “Our God is a God of surprises!”

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