This Week

We got ourselves a nice beef roast from Ben’s new workplace.

I made a batch of cretons. My inner french girl was very, very satisfied.

We made Pear, Oat, Cinnamon and Ginger smoothies from the newest Martha Stewart Living magazine to have with our breakfast which the girls loved.

I knit my first ever pair of socks (the baby shower ones). They turned out so easily and beautifully and of course, I don’t have a picture to show for it since they are already at my mom’s waiting to be given to my sister when her baby comes.

I ignored most of the laundry that needed folding and instead moved nearly every piece of furniture in my living room to create a little play nook for the girls.

I discovered Amanda Shires. She sounds like dolly parton..but cooler.

I made hot chocolate for myself and the girls several times..and added Bailey’s to three in the afternoon.

Made Are So Happy cookies and ate far too many of them…and am still eating them now..just try and stop me.

It has been one of those weeks where things went mostly really well but then come completely undone by the end of it. I think the girls are on the verge of getting sick as they have both been grizzly all day and didn’t nap well. God let 4:30pm come soon!! How was your week?


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I love that the cookie recipe comes with instructions on how to make it GF! I just may have to try them, once I come out of my chocolate cake coma from the weekend. (Who knew that ONE regular slice of GF chocolate cake would be SO filling or have SO MANY POINTS?!)

    Also, I loooove that you dosed your hot chocolate at 3pm. I may have to do that to a cuppa decaf later today. 🙂

  2. This post makes me so happy. I am not sure exactly why. I guess because it sounds like how you talk, and so it’s like I’m sitting in your living room and enjoying a (spiked!) hot chocolate while you tell me about your week.

    Also I really liked that Amanda Shires song. Thanks for putting me in her direction! 🙂

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