Yarn Along

I decided to start 2012 by conquering a knitting fear. I taught myself how to knit socks. I’ve been knitting for nearly a year now but had somehow convinced myself that knitting socks was for the really good knitters, the patient ones, the oh-so-wise ones. I used a really simple pattern (link in my previous post) called ‘Baby Shower Socks’. I’ll have to post a picture of them once they have been worn by niece who is due to be here any day now.

Next up I decided to knit myself some socks and see how it went. I’m getting there, stitch by stitch, during naps and evenings. I have to be honest and say I haven’t done any reading recently. I think that is partly because I am so determined to get these socks knit, but also, because I think I may need glasses and I get headaches when I spend too much time reading. I’m hoping to have an eye exam soon and straighten it all out so I can get my nose back into a good book. 

Head over to Ginny’s to see more lovely knitting.. 


5 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Wow, this looks just like yarn I have previously used for socks., if it is I have used alot of the colours in this range love it. Well done on your first sock. Best get your eyes tested asp, I was in that position, glasses make a big difference!

  2. Now that is a cute fun sock 🙂 How you made the astripes come out so nice etc, that’s talent even with multicolored yarn!

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