January 30th

In two short days it will be February 1st. February means going to visit my lovely sister and her family for a few days to help. It means Abigail is almost 2 years old. It means St. Valentine’s day and the beginning of Lent are just around the corner. Finally, for me, it means that we are slowly but surely putting dark days and cold nights behind us. I really shouldn’t complain. We have had the mildest winter I can ever remember having here, but, I confess.. I still struggle to find joy in the cold, dark days. The days when I really should take the kids outside to play but can’t find the energy or desire to do so.

We have spent a lot of time indoors lately and that has made me notice so many little projects needing doing. I gave my husband a little ‘honey-do’ list this morning and he is off to the shops to get a few odds and sods to get the jobs done. Bless his heart. I think our oven has been without a handle since May(!) I am also contemplating painting the half wall in our dining room with chalkboard paint to create a bit of fun for the girls.

Ben’s work has been an adjustment to be sure, but we are seeing the benefits of that work. Not only his work, but his environment. The food we eat as a family is changing in the way I always hoped it would, but that is a story for another day.

In the meantime, I am knitting, drinking a good many hot drinks and dreaming about holding sweet Rose and drinking in that sweet smell of a new baby.

What are you doing to keep the winter blues at bay? What are you looking towards in the weeks to come to keep you smiling?


One thought on “January 30th

  1. I’ve been purging and organizing my home to keep me from GOING INSANE while we’re stuck indoors. Days of -35 windchills and three little ones to bundle have meant staying inside except to go to Mass! Fortunately we have four winter birthdays in our family, so there is plenty of celebration going on! Only four more days until MY birthday, which means only 19 days until my baby turns ONE!!

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