This Week

This week I returned from a three night stay at my sisters house in Moncton. I fell in love with my new little niece Rose who is just a tiny piece of heaven. I also had tons of fun hanging out with sweet Jude.

I listened to anything and everything sung by The Civil Wars because they are just. that. good. The really funny thing about this group is that the leading lady, Joy Williams was a Christian singer until just a few years ago and I saw her perform in Halifax.

The girls and I were spoiled by my lovely husband on Valentine’s Day. Gorgeous flowers, lobster and wine. He does work at the market after all.

I made several batches of Cranberry muffins to make my way through the 4lb bag we bought at the market at least a month ago now.

We put Abigail in a toddler bed. I should have known she would attempt to get out of her crib much sooner than her big sister. First it was the playpen and then the crib. We’re still getting used to the switch and I imagine it will take a few weeks to settle into a new routine. It has now really hit me that we no longer have a baby in the house. Abigail will be two years old next week. I plan on crying the whole day.

I am thinking about preparations for Lent and what we will do as a family. I’m thinking about special meals, feast days, almsgiving.. things the girls will understand and get into.

I finished knitting myself a hat made of alpaca. It fit Lucy. I will take it as an excuse to knit another hat with alpaca. It seriously is a dream to hold in your hands for long periods of time…deliciously soft.

Ben will only have Monday off this week so I am mustering up all my mama strength to power through the rest of this week and trusting that God will give me grace as I call on Him.

Having a great week…and yourself?


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I LOVE The Civil Wars. “Poison & Wine” *sigh* Have you heard one they did with Taylor Swift for “The Hunger Games” movie? Beautiful.

  2. I hadn’t heard it until I read your comment, Laura. It really is beautiful! I haven’t actually read “The Hunger Games” but I have been hearing about the books a lot lately. Would you recommend them? “Poison & Wine” is my favorite too 😀

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