Lent is Here

We began our Ash Wednesday with the sweet gift of being able to attend mass together. Ben starting work later in the morning does have its perks!

After lunch we all had a rest and then got up and began discussing (as much as you can discuss anything with toddlers) what we would be doing as a family for Lent. I offered a few suggestions of things we could do and Lucy was very pleased with the ideas. We got ourselves an empty bin and made up a sign that read, “Food for the poor people”..at least that is what Lucy told me her sign said. Her fascination with the poor began on the feast of St. Brigid when we read a story about her life and the ways she helped care for the poor in her community, often by way of her parents pantry. We are keeping things simple and trying to lead by example rather than talking their little ears off.

I placed their little table against a wall in our living room and covered it with a purple play silk and gathered up a little basket of Lent/Easter related books and also a few small crosses and rosaries. They visit this little table often throughout the day and it makes me smile to see them take such interest in the stories about Christ’s life. Their favorite book right now is a french Children’s Bible that my grandmother gave to Lucy when she was just a baby. They are loving hearing the old testament stories and ask me about a million questions about them. It is reminding me how important it is for me to be reading scripture and continually growing in my relationship with Christ if I have any hope of helping my children see Him.

In other news, Abigail will be two years old this Saturday and we are having a very small family get together for the occasion. If the snow holds off we are thinking about barbecuing for the first time since the fall. The weather has been so mild, we thought, why not! Also, Ben’s birthday is coming up the first week in March. I confess, I really enjoy birthdays celebrated during Lent. It somehow gets me through those final weeks of winter blahs. I am feeling more myself now, but to be honest..these last few weeks found me really tired and really down on myself and my parenting. Having toddlers is a joy in so many ways but man, the emotional rollercoaster of it all is sometimes enough to almost take my breath away. We seem to be coming to the other side of it for now, thankfully.

Finally, I am working on some new hats for the girls and after ripping them out twice I finally figured out how to make the right stitch! Yay! I can’t wait to show them once they are finished.

I’ve now got a Lent and Easter board on Pinterest if you’re interested. I find Pinterest so useful for gathering ideas that I can easily go back to and find.

Sorry for the lack of depth here today. It has been a long day and I am knackered.  I hope to be back here soon with something a little more lent related.

Well…Happy Lent! ( Is that a thing? Can I even say that?)



One thought on “Lent is Here

  1. That donation box is a great idea. We’re doing something similar, but we’re putting coins in a jar. We count up how many of something we have in the house and put that many coins in. We’ll donate the money when we’re all done.

    That’s wonderful that they’re so interested in the bible stories and the table. I set up a prayer table for the kids a while back but they lost interest rather quickly. They show a bit mroe interest in the stories but their attention spans seem rather limited… I think I need to ask them more questions to keep them interested…

    Also, I lost you on facebook 😦

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