Our Little Princess

Our littlest princess turned two yesterday. We decided to hold off on the celebrations until today, so we could make a day of it together. Abigail and Lucy came out of their bedroom this morning to find balloons strung up from their door frame. Sheer delight on their little faces batting them back and forth for several minutes before they decided to come upstairs for breakfast.

Waiting for Abigail, at the table, was her new birthday crown, a sort of temporary handsewn one until I have more time to sew it up properly. 

Our sweet girl has big love for Lucy’s doll, Ruby. This is all fine until Lucy wants to play with her and then it becomes “La grosse chicane” (big fight) so Ben and I decided to invest in what we think will make this baby-doll loving girl very happy. Enter Abbie’s new little friend, June.

We had breakfast, went to mass and spent most of the day at home resting and baking the birthday cake. Ben actually made the cake while I slept off and on for several hours on the couch. My stomach was not quite right from the time I got up this morning and it just knocked me off my feet. Hooray for helpful husbands! We had a great family supper on the BBQ. It really felt like Spring this afternoon with the sun shining into our living room and with the delicious sponge cake with lemon zest and juice. 

Abigail had some help from her big sister blowing out the candles.

With every birthday that passes in our family, I realize more and more that I much prefer small family get togethers where the kids are not overwhelmed with guests and too many sweets. My mum and Brad even stayed on after supper to put the girls to bed and stayed the evening so Ben and I could take some time away together. What a blessing!

Miss Abigail has brought such joy, energy and life to our little family. She is affectionate, daring, goofy and very independant. Every day with her is like a big breath of fresh air…may she have many, many blessed years!! We love you baby girl.



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