Summer Time

It seems the summer is just flying by! The days have been a little slow but the weeks are going fast. I am 17 weeks along in my pregnancy today. We have been up to all kinds of craziness of the last month.

Canada day was lots of fun! We celebrated with our 3rd annual pancake breakfast and hangout with other families at one of the parks nearby. The music was lively, there were lots of people and lots to celebrate!

A few days later we spent the morning celebrating one of our neighbors birthday in the backyard. Lots of old school fun with a bouncy castle, kiddy pool, hot dogs and cake.

Lucy had her very first dental check up and did brilliantly! She was very brave and listened so well to the dental hygienist. I was proud of my sweet girl.

And finally, just this morning, I took the girls for their first big boat ride ever! The Jazz Fest happening in our city right now was offering a free boat ride/percussion class for little ones on Theodore Tugboat,  a local celebrity, really.

We have decided to pay cash for our van when we buy one this fall so we haven’t done much this summer that has cost money. Thankfully the kids are still young and there are lots of enjoyable things we can do together for free or very little money. We’ve been going to the Library every Thursday for nearly two months now and I love it. It gives them time to read, play and time for me to choose a few books and DVDs for the week. Most of our days look like this…

We are hoping that Ben will have a few days off with us in August and we are looking forward to that time together! We’ll be sticking close to home but probably going for ice cream, hitting the beach and maybe a few other little day trips. I hope you’re enjoying your summer and making the most of it!!!


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