Double Decker Fun

Every summer I am reminded why I love living in this city. There is always so much to see, to do and to experience..often for very little or no money. This week being the Tall Ships festival, we hit the boardwalk for some serious sight seeing. Lucy kept asking us if the big crowd of people were here to see the “very tall ships” and of course they are! The harbor was full of different kinds of boats and we even saw people dressed in costume like soldiers and pirates.

As a family we are in a really sweet spot right now…it has its moments of course, but both girls are out of diapers and we are enjoying the sweet independence of just getting out the door at the last minute if we so choose. I love our girls and it is hard watching them grow so quickly. Lucy in particular seems to be getting taller by the day and so articulate. I am trying to hug and squeeze that girl as often and as hard as she’ll let me.


One thought on “Double Decker Fun

  1. Look how big both of your little girls are getting! I love being a Haligonian in the summertime too – although convincing myself to get out the door is sometimes a struggle. And it is always a toss up about what will go over well with my kids. I was so excited to take Cam to the parade of sail but he got so scared of the canons going off that we had to leave. 😦

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