My First Milo

Imagine my total joy at the realization I can knit with wool in the August heat!? With Lucy’s birthday coming up in September and knowing that once this baby comes along I won’t have much time for knitting in the early days, I decided it was high time to start picking up my needles again. This is my first Milo Vest and it was such an easy knit! I have finished it now (pictures to come after Lucy’s birthday) and have knit another one for my little niece Rosie in the same color.  Everything must be purple these days for my girls and with purple being my favorite color, I don’t mind in the least.

While Ben and I were away last weekend on our first night away from the kids in nearly 4 years (!!!), we had the chance to spend some time in our local Catholic bookstore and chose a few new books for the kids. They are really loving the book about Mary, which is no surprise to me since they always seem to gravitate towards her.

In other news, we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and are now waiting to find out the sex of our sweet baby. This will be the first time we find out before the birth and I am really excited about it! I have been thinking maybe boy up until now but after our ultrasound and what we saw (or didn’t see) I am thinking it may be a girl. We will find out soon enough and then I will be knitting my little hands off until this one comes around Christmas. Sweet thoughts when I think of being cozied up at home this winter with our new babe.

Join Ginny and the rest here for the Yarn Along..


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