Just Life

No pictures today. There is a combination of reasons for that. The first being that I have been looking at one too many blogs lately and it seems as though these people are always doing something. Going somewhere. Eating at restaurants. Living the carefree life that looks so desirable. My life does not look like that. I would hate to give that impression to anyone. We just got back from a few days spent at my sister’s house and it was awesome. They have young kids, we have young kids and all of us on budgets and trying our best to enjoy our families! We spent lots of time outside in the sunshine (the very hot sunshine!) and lots of time in the water. We went to a great local beach and also to a splash pad. The kids had a grand time with their cousins and we all went to bed at night totally zonked.

Now that we’re home, I’m trying to just keep it together. There is so much to be done in our home and so many things I would like to do but there is never enough time, money or energy. We desperately need a van and we keep trusting that God will provide an inexpensive, reliable vehicle when the time is right. I know I must sound whiny and I feel like I am but I just don’t care. I’m already looking forward to the Autumn. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the summer but you know what? I don’t. I’m pregnant, hot and just want to cozy up in my house with knitting, sugar cookies and hot tea. Am I crazy??

For now I will keep filing away ideas of fun activities for the girls this winter when we are all trapped inside with a newborn. I’m going to slowly start building a stash of crafty type things…not real crafts mind you..just simple household things that can be made into fun on a cold day. Pinterest has been good for that!

Here are a few of the cool ideas I’ve found so far –

Homemade paints

Play Dough

Cloud Dough

Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Painting

Dip-Dyed Candles

Dying Yarn

I also would love to make some of these for the girls room. If I had the money I would be buying this today. My plan is to have this for breakfast in the morning. I seriously LOVE avocado on toast with cracked pepper. Yum!

I need to end on a positive note. My sister had bought herself an Ergo baby carrier and I was planning on getting one as well but my neighbor brought me hers today to keep! It’s a knockoff but will do just as well. I feel so blessed when things like that happen. When God provides not only what we need but a little extra of what we secretly want. May you be just as blessed today!



2 thoughts on “Just Life

  1. You know Katie, I want summer to be over, too… I am waiting impatiently for fall to arrive, too! Most people think I am crazy, too!

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy at all! I’m not especially looking forward to autumn because it means my Little Man is off to school full days and I’ll miss him – especially as I’ll still be on mat leave for another few months. But, I love fall and can’t wait to not feel so hot, sweaty and sticky again, go for evening walks in the cool weather, wear sweaters and curl up with my crocheting or reading and a cup of tea!

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