Lost and Found

I lost one of the girls at the library today. I was sitting on the floor looking through books with one and when I looked up and couldn’t see the other anywhere nearby my heart went into my throat. I quickly started walking up and down aisles searching for her when I thought I could hear her saying, “Mama” and I went straight for the voice. I found her in the foyer of the library with another mom and her little boy. She stood there with big tears in her eyes and I, so relieved, picked her up and held her just as tightly as I did the day she was born.

God reminded me today that He is in control. As much as I walk around thinking and acting as though I have control over my kids and their well being…He is really the one. Our children don’t belong to us, but to their Father in Heaven who loves them and has far bigger and better plans and purpose for their lives than we could ever imagine.

We had our 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago now and it was beautiful. Baby was sucking it’s thumb and floating around without a care in the world. This pregnancy started out rough for me but now I am feeling mostly like myself and getting things slowly organized for the fall. I picked up one of those giant “Mom Calendars” that goes on the fridge and also a dry erase board for our kitchen and am feeling great about the organization I hope will ensue. Baby’s room will hopefully be painted in the next month. The big news around here though is that we bought ourselves a van this week! It is surreal to look outside our living room window and see it just sitting there, waiting for another little car seat. I am so grateful that God led us to a good reliable vehicle and didn’t keep us hanging until the last minute like He tends to! We are very blessed to have all that we need and I have found with this being our third baby, everything just seems less stressful. We have a crib, we have a car seat and all the other odds and ends we might need. All there is to do is enjoy it and look forward to it! It’s amazing. God is good!



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