Merry Christmas, I am Still Pregnant

I wish I was here announcing the birth of our new baby but as God would have it the baby is not quite ready to make his/her appearance. I am now seven days past my due date and feeling remarkably well and sane. Don’t get me wrong, I am Ready. To. Do. This. but hanging in there since I know babies come when they are ready…our own miss Abigail hung in there for ten whole days past her due date.

We took the girls to the 11pm Christmas Eve vigil and it turned out to be a great night. We put them to bed early and woke them up around 9pm to start getting ready to go. They thought it was very special to be getting up at night to go out and we drove around looking at lights on our way to the church. As it turns out, the late night mass is not as chaotic as the early evening one and we could have easily left home around 10pm and still had great seats. I feel like we have stumbled upon a bit of a secret! We may just do it again next year.

We had a very simple Christmas this year. We decided to invest in one nice shared gift for the girls instead of lots of little things. My mom and Ben’s parents bought the people and furniture to go along with our gift and the girls have been having a great time with it. We woke up Christmas morning and came upstairs and started the morning with a prayer and a very enthusiastic Happy Birthday to Jesus! We opened our gifts and we had a really easy yummy breakfast of croissants, fruit, coffee and orange juice. The girls played, we napped, put the dollhouse together and then headed over to my mom’s for Christmas dinner. It was nice to be there with everyone but I do believe this year was our last for going to someone else’s home for Christmas dinner. Next year we will have three kiddos and I think we will start making our own traditions for the day and stay home and enjoy being in our pajamas!


I have never felt more ready for a baby to join our family and I can’t wait to breathe in that gorgeous newborn smell and hold my baby for the first time. We are as ready as we are going to be and now I am trying to be patient and remind myself that the time is coming and to just enjoy the time leading up to it. Thank God it is the Christmas season and there is so much joy and rest to soak up. Ben is now off for the next three days and I don’t imagine he will go back to work after that…please, God, let the baby come by then!! Please offer a prayer or two for us if you think of it and I will likely be back here in a few weeks to share our story and some photos of the newest little Andrews. Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to eat a super greasy/spicy supper in hopes of coaxing baby out!!


One thought on “Merry Christmas, I am Still Pregnant

  1. What a lovely post, Katie! My heart is so full of excitement and joy for you. Your Christmas sounds lovely, and I see we have lots of similarities — our kids love getting woken up in the middle of the night for the Vigil Mass (as well as the Easter Vigil) too. Noah even told me a few weeks before Christmas that that was his favourite part about Christmas! (I’m sure next year it will be PRESENTS though!). and Patrick and I *also* decided this would be our last Christmas celebrating with extended family on Christmas Day. For the past number of years, we have done Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws, Christmas Day brunch with them, and then turkey dinner that night with my parents! THREE family meals in two days! It means there is very little time for us to be just the four of us.

    But yadda yadda.

    The best part of this whole post is the peace you exude. I am so happy to hear you surrendering and preparing your heart for your baby. What a blessing this child will be to everyone!

    Love and prayers,

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