Around The House

Well, 2013 has come! We are still waiting on our sweet baby (any day now) and getting settled in for these winter months. With only a few days left between now and the Feast of Epiphany I thought it might be nice to show you a few of our Christmas things from around the house. Ben and I have had a good but long week waiting in anticipation and trying to keep ourselves busy but still enjoying the days together. We are both so grateful for his work being understanding and the girls for being so patient on their sibling. We have some rice crackers, double-cream brie and a bottle of apple-cranberry sparkling cider in the fridge for our return from the hospital which excites me every time I open the fridge. There are fresh pajamas tucked into my purse that I plan on clinging to when I feel like I just can’t keep going in labor. All is well, all good things are coming! Thank you, God for this new year upon us, for this new life and for this next chapter of our family!

ImageImageImage ImageImageI had another ultrasound this morning to make sure baby has plenty of fluid and is happy in there so Ben took the girls to a coffee shop nearby and got them some fluffies (think baby mochachino). They had a nice little date with dad and I was able to finish up at the hospital without making them stand around in the waiting room. Off to the midwife this afternoon for another stretch and sweep in hopes of evicting baby sometime very soon! I can’t wait to hold this little bub! xo


2 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. I just love all the cuteness šŸ™‚ happy you guys had nice Christmas, we will continue to pray for you now! PS – Andrew had a dream last night and you went into labour…so maybe it’s sign šŸ˜›

  2. You and your new baby have been on my heart a lot these past few days. I know how hard it can be going past the “due” date. Praying for your family, your birth and the new babe!

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