One Thousand Gifts and Lent

I am admittedly a little late in our lenten preparations this year but isn’t that what Lent is all about anyway? Preparing? Making ourselves ready, begging His grace to help us start new? start fresh? With that in mind and also with Oliver in mind we are keeping things very simple this year.

The girls helped me make a purple paper chain that they are taking turns ripping a link off each day. We also freshened up a little corner of our living room and made it into a family altar as a place to come back to throughout the day as a reminder to pray. We’ve been adding canned goods here and there to our bag to be brought to the food bank sometime before Easter. All small, easy things to do with little ones that make such an impact on their little hearts.


As for me? Well, I was originally going to go with “isn’t nursing enough?!” as my sacrifice but I don’t mean it in the way it sounds. I love nursing my babies…there is nothing more peaceful or delicious than a sweet little one falling asleep in your arms while you nurse. The sacrificial part for me is the being tied to the couch while the other kids destroy the place! ha! It really isn’t so bad but I decided that in this season of motherhood what I need most is to stop complaining, stop looking to an easier time, stop missing out on all the good, holy things happening right in front of me.

I read One Thousand Gifts a few years ago now and had good intentions to start my very own gratitude list/journal but never got around to it. This Lent I am starting. I probably won’t list all of my gifts but today I thought I would share how I began..

1. A bowl full of colored pencil shavings

2. Crispy potato bits in the pan

3. Husband who started my coffee before he left for work

4. Counting down the days to Alleluia

5. Sleepy, nursing boy in my arms

6. Joe Zambon helping me start the day

7. Girls who “read” aloud to themselves

8. Dark chocolate and ruby red strawberries

9. Anticipation of mom’s night out

10. Sweet girl who prays for the poor

11. The lullaby of the dishwasher

12. Sweet friends who brought a meal and new cartoons

13. Homemade play dough “cookies”

14. Dough rising on a grey day

15. Middle of the night baby smiles

16. Unexpected happy mail

17. Knowing it will get easier

18. New recipe to try excitement

19. Getting ready to do our taxes

20. Health of mind and body

21. Good talks with sweet sisters

22. Gluten free chocolate goodness

23. My love coming home in a few hours

24. News of good friends being blessed

25. Knowing that I’m all he (Oliver) really wants


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