Holy Week and Thoughts on Motherhood

We’re almost there!! The links on our Lenten chain have all been broken, we dropped off a big bag of canned goods to our parish food bank box and our hearts are ready to shout Alleluia The A word from the rooftops.

After a really hectic day with the kids, Ben sent me off to Holy Thursday mass all by myself while he put the kids to bed and I had some time to exhale. It was perfect. We are so blessed with a friendly, brotherly, humble priest who washed twelve of our parishioners feet. Among them were two sweet little boys and I couldn’t help but see how precious they are in the sight of God and yes, we should wash even their little feet. Isn’t that what I do every day? I am the first one to beat up on myself if the day is not going smoothly or I have lost my cool with the kids. But even on those days and in those moments, I am still choosing to care for our children. Dressing them, wiping bottoms, making lunches, filling cups, nursing, changing diapers, reading a million books, answering questions and on and on it goes.

Is it easy to choose joy every day? No. Was it easy for Christ to accomplish his mission during His time here on earth? No. Why should I expect my journey to be any different than His was? All I can do is my very best and leave the rest to God. I am not perfect but by His grace I am enough for my family. I know He will give grace and make up for the many ways that I am lacking. So for any other parents out there struggling today with the thought that you are going to scar your children for life, let me say this: You are going to scar your children for life. You are not perfect and neither am I and our kids will figure that out eventually and when they do? We just point them in the direction of a perfect God and Father who loves them and will never mess it up. He died to make sure of it. Can I get an Amen?

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