Easter Sunday 2013

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Happy Easter, friends!

He is risen!

Today we celebrate the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. The hope that we can change. The hope that we can become the men and women that God has created and called us to be! Fresh starts all around, I say!

The day started off with excited little girls coming up the stairs to discover that the little tomb we made (with a step stool and white table cloth) was empty! Alleluia! They also found some new shoes and treats to enjoy in these next few weeks.

We got to mass and the girls were each given a little ‘Alleluia’ flag to wave around during the songs/hymns. They thought that was great and I had to keep reminding them not to get too enthusiastic with their waving since they kept brushing against our neighbors heads! Oliver wore real clothes for the first time today (as in not pajamas) and he is such a handsome little man. I can’t help but smooch his little cheeks so hard!!! As mass began I couldn’t help but smile at all we have been given in these little miracles and how much we have to be thankful for! I felt a little differently by the end as they were seriously testing my patience but that’s all part of the journey, eh? God said to bring them! He never said they would behave πŸ˜‰

Afterwards we headed to my mum’s for brunch and a visit with my sister and her family. They all met Oliver for the first time at their son Jude’s birthday party yesterday but this was the first shot of all the kids with Nana! So sweet. We had a really lovely day together but I think we have reached the decision that it is time to start celebrating the holidays at our house…all day! It will be much easier on the kids who still need naps to get through the day and easier on us to be in our home, not carting everyone back and forth.

We finished the day off with a simple supper at home and our Easter tradition of Easter Sundaes! Previously we have only done the sundaes on Easter Sunday but I think this year we will do them each Sunday of the Octave. So simple and yet the kids have a blast putting together their own little dishes. Speaking of dishes, I found these little ice cream dishes at Value Village last week and they are perfect for our little tradition.

I hope you have had a lovely Easter surrounded by people you love, treats to enjoy and the hope and love of our Savior to fill your heart!! Many blessings,



2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2013

  1. OY! I just love EVERYTHING about this post!! (Particularly love that I’m not the only one who dresses her girls in matching dresses sometimes!) πŸ™‚
    I realized this year that this was the first time that being out of our house all day WASN’T a terrible idea. Elena always naps at home, but skipping her nap for one day wasn’t a big deal. This is definitely uncharted territory for our family! Happy Easter to your whole beautiful family. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s amazing to me that you could be out the whole day without naps and no meltdowns! Uncharted territory for sure πŸ™‚ I love dressing the girls alike and more often than not they are the ones who ask if they can. So sweet!

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