A Kiwi Adventure

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Spring is finally here! The weather is starting to fine up and when we woke up this morning we thought it was the perfect day to get out of dodge and do something fun. With a house full of littles who often decide to all break down at the same time, it is good to break from our daily routine from time to time and go on an adventure.

We had heard about the Kiwi Cafe from one of our midwives a few months ago and thought we would go check it out since it’s only about 40 minutes away. It was great fun! We enjoyed the drive listening to music while Ben and I were able to have a conversation the whole way there and back. We each had a nice flat white while the girls drank their babyccino’s and we shared a plate full of treats. There was a playground nearby for burning off all that sugar and a little walk down to the ocean. There is nothing like a good deep breath of salt water breeze to put things right again. Every time we visit little towns like Chester I love how my heart rate slows, the stress shakes off of me and I am able to be in the moment without the distractions of the computer, the phone and the chaos of carting the kids here, there and everywhere. Ah, to live  by the sea!

I am happy and blessed to have such a great bunch of kids and a hubby who loves us! Happy weekend here..I am ready for the week now.


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