First Swimming Lessons

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A homeschooling friend of ours was telling us about a local outdoor pool that offers swimming lessons every Summer and how much her kids love it there. I liked the idea of doing two weeks straight of lessons every morning so that we wouldn’t have to bundle everyone up in snowsuits and trek out to a pool for 30 minutes in the middle of January.

Ben was off for their first day and was able to join us which thrilled the girls to no end. Then my mom and sister showed up so we had a good little cheer-leading team on the sidelines. The sun was shining and at 6:43am the girls came barreling into our room asking if they could put their swimming suits on yet!

We are three days into the lessons now and it has been perfect! We are all up and out the door at 8 am. The girls are with their instructor for half an hour and then we play on the playground and roam the waterfront collecting shells and throwing rocks for about an hour. We all come home tuckered out. The girls are getting comfortable in the water and that’s all I really could ask for at this point. Watching them learn and cheering them on from the side has been such a treat! I love my sweet girls, really and truly. Happy Summer, friends!! xo


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