Back To Homeschool

A lot has happened since I last properly blogged so I am not even going to try and bring you up to speed on life around here. Let’s just jump right in.

We started our school year with a morning spent at the local Wildlife Park. It was our first time there since Oliver started walking and he was so excited to chase the peacocks. And squirrels. And ducks. It’s incredible to think he will be two years old in January. The time has just flown by and he is a real charmer.


This year Lucy is in Kindergarten and Abigail is in Preschool.
image image image image image

We are using the Sonlight curriculum for the second year now and quite happy with the read-aloud books offered. I was able to thrift many of the books for dirt cheap and then I felt zero guilt in picking up the last few on the list at full price or borrowing them from the library.

We are planning for lots of read aloud time each day which is our number one priority and then phonics for Lucy who is slowly but surely becoming a reader. We are using the book How To Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons and we love it. It is so straightforward and the lessons are short which help a lot. Our first week of getting back into our routine of being home has been so blessed. I hope to keep sharing here what we are up to this year! Join us 😊


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