Be Here Now

This is not the summer that I thought we would have. 

Our last few summers have been pre-planned with dates for a vacation and a cottage stay booked, swimming lessons, near-daily trips to the beach and meals thought out ahead of time and well-balanced. 

This summer has not been that. 

This has been the summer of sleeping in, boxed cereal, backyard kiddy pool, too much tv, ice cream for dinner and naps all around. It’s been staying up late, hanging out at home in our pjs and not many plans.

Our house went up on the market in March and it is still sitting there. It has forced us into probably the least eventful and quietest summer we’ve had for years. And you know what? 

I am so, so glad. 

It has meant more sleep for me than I have had in probably 8 years. I’ve read a stack of books as tall as my three year old. I’ve been forced into letting go and giving in to what is instead of wishing for what isn’t yet. 

God is teaching me so much about being in this very moment instead of dreaming about tomorrow when the kids are older, life calms down, we have more time, we have more money, we have stuff that no one has covered in their bodily fluids. 

Discontent is a damn cancer and it will quite happily spread through our homes if we don’t cut it off at the knees. A spirit of discontent is the single most stubborn and ugly of chronic illnesses. 

I need to Be Here Now. 

Be here now and grateful as hell that my crew is still so totally delighted with a blow up pool and freezies. Tickled pink with family movie nights and pizza. Thankful that the kids still go to bed so early so I can spend time hanging out with my husband and hearing about his day. Too busy counting all the good and wonderful blessings that God has showered me with these last five years in this house instead of moaning about our mismatch furniture or the trip to New Zealand we can’t yet afford to make even though we are desperate for it. 

I know this is so cliche but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. How will we open it and find joy and beauty in the now?


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