First Swimming Lessons

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A homeschooling friend of ours was telling us about a local outdoor pool that offers swimming lessons every Summer and how much her kids love it there. I liked the idea of doing two weeks straight of lessons every morning so that we wouldn’t have to bundle everyone up in snowsuits and trek out to a pool for 30 minutes in the middle of January.

Ben was off for their first day and was able to join us which thrilled the girls to no end. Then my mom and sister showed up so we had a good little cheer-leading team on the sidelines. The sun was shining and at 6:43am the girls came barreling into our room asking if they could put their swimming suits on yet!

We are three days into the lessons now and it has been perfect! We are all up and out the door at 8 am. The girls are with their instructor for half an hour and then we play on the playground and roam the waterfront collecting shells and throwing rocks for about an hour. We all come home tuckered out. The girls are getting comfortable in the water and that’s all I really could ask for at this point. Watching them learn and cheering them on from the side has been such a treat! I love my sweet girls, really and truly. Happy Summer, friends!! xo


Time Flies

It’s 11pm and I’m doing that thing where I stay up too late and then look through old pictures from when the girls were two and one and it makes me emotional. The time is going too quickly. Oliver is suddenly seven months old and I just want time to stop. But it won’t. Time stops for no one and no thing. Babies grow.

If I really think about why I don’t blog more often right now.. that is my reason. Babies grow. I am busy doing my best to drink it all in.. to hug and kiss and smile and nurse and sing love over all the little Andrews babes, because they just keep growing. Lucy will be five next month and I am so not ready for that. It just makes me ache for all the times I’ve been overtired and taken it out on her or missed out on some gorgeous thing she was doing because I was too busy being selfish in some way. Some of that is just part of life. We do our very best as parents and of course we love our children but we cannot realistically be present and “on” every moment of the day. We are only human. I trust that God sees my small sacrifices and that He is the one who keeps filling my heart to bursting with all their sweetness.

Like how Oliver lights up like a Christmas tree every single time I walk into the room. Like I am the only girl in his world. The way Abigail keeps asking me at nap time to stay with her and says, “mama, would you please tickle my arm?” and sweet Lucy, always asking when we can go on a date, “just us two girls”..  So all I have to offer here is love. Me loving my kids imperfectly. Me loving my husband imperfectly. Thankfully, my God is perfect. He is the one who makes right all of my wrongs. He is the enough for all of my not-enoughs. And wow, am I thankful every single second for that.

DSCF2048 DSCF2044 DSCF2029 DSCF2028We’ve signed the girls up for their first round of swimming lessons and they start this coming Monday. I cannot wait to see them in the pool and take about five hundred pictures!! I hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as we are. Bless you!

Spring Days

This last month has been kind to us. Lots of wonderful things have happened including welcoming my sister home from Niagara! We were all so happy to have her home again, especially the girls. I turned 29 which I haven’t decided if I am happy about. It isn’t the 29 that is bothering me. I think it is the looming 30 that unsettles me. In the end I had a great extended birthday/mothers day weekend. Next week Oliver will be five months old! I cannot say where the time has gone but our family is in a really good place right now. The kids are growing so fast and so beautifully and I am just thankful, thankful, thankful each day that I get to be here to witness it. Here is a bit of our days lately between home and school mornings and a few from a lobster feast at my mom’s on Mother’s Day.

DSCF1922 DSCF1917 DSCF1912 DSCF1911 DSCF1900 DSCF1903 DSCF1904 DSCF1908 DSCF1879 DSCF1878 DSCF1874With the weather finally turning sunnier we are starting to spend more time outdoors and the girls are very excited to plant a little garden with me soon. We’re going to grow some carrots and maybe some leafy greens of some kind. It is so nice to finally see more sunshine streaming into the living room first thing in the morning. I hope you are all getting the very best out of these Spring days..

I can hear all three kids chatting happily away in their rooms. Time to start the day!

Handsome McGee

A few weeks ago I won a great giveaway over at Small Things. The prize was a gorgeous Easter basket filled with lovely, Eco-friendly kids art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio. The basket didn’t arrive in time for Easter unfortunately but it did come in on Tuesday and has made for a fun Easter week of little surprises for the girls. Included in the basket was a handful of Easter cards for the kids to color. It made for a nice pocket of quiet time while their baby brother had a nap the other morning. Stubby Pencil Studio products are really, really good quality and the colors come out quite bright which is important to me. There’s nothing worse than coloring with a red crayon that comes out pale pink on  the paper, ya know? Now that I’ve tried their stuff and like it so much I will probably order through their website when I’m looking for something special!



On a totally unrelated note, I am not going to sugar coat it by showing you a bunch of lovely, colorful pictures and have you thinking all of our days are awesome surprises in the mail and rainbows. These days in the tail end of winter have been long and dull and I have found myself lonely and grumpy a lot. There’s just something really irritating about having to microwave your cup of coffee three times and still only getting about 2/3 of the way through it. I am extra thankful these days for a super helpful husband, a sister to call and cry with on the phone and a night out with a dear girlfriend. Life will not always be so intense, I know, but man..three under five? Buckle up, mamas. It is one wild ride! Luckily, the pay is GREAT! Check out this Handsome McGee (Abigail’s nickname for Oliver) who just turned 3 months old…



Baby Days

The early days with Oliver started out very early since we came home only a few hours after he was born. We woke up in the morning all under the same roof and the girls came very excitedly into our room to meet the little brother they had been waiting months for.


My mother and Ben were total rock stars taking care of the house and the girls so that I could rest and get to know our new little guy. It’s funny looking back through these pictures because they were only taken a few months ago but it feels like a lifetime away. Oliver will soon be 3 months old and I frankly have no idea where all of this time has gone! I do my best to be in the moment but honestly sometimes it is a fog for that first little bit. I know we spent a lot of time at home together and it worked out well that way since it was Winter anyway.



Lots of snuggles. Lots of silly play. Lots of being in their underwear and playing dress up. You do what you’ve got to do to get through it!! Here’s a little look into our days..


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Divine Mercy Sunday

“I demand from you deeds of mercy, which are to arise out of love for Me. You are to show mercy to your neighbors always and everywhere. You must not shrink from this or try to excuse or absolve yourself from it.

I am giving you three ways of exercising mercy toward your neighbor: the first — by deed, the second — by word, the third — by prayer. In these three degrees is contained the fullness of mercy, and it is an unquestionable proof of love for Me. By this means a soul glorifies and pays reverence to My mercy.

Many souls … are often worried because they do not have the material means with which to carry out an act of mercy. Yet spiritual mercy, which requires neither permissions nor storehouses, is much more meritorious and is within the grasp of every soul.

If a soul does not exercise mercy somehow or other, it will not obtain My mercy on the day of judgment. Oh, if only souls knew how to gather eternal treasure for themselves, they would not be judged, for they would forestall My judgment with their mercy” (1317).

Today we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday.  This brings me great joy for two reasons. The first because of the sweet gift of mercy Jesus has offered us in his death and resurrection. The call not only to receive his mercy but to share that mercy with others, and in that way bring people to Christ. The second reason I treasure this day so much is because it marks the second anniversary of Abigail’s baptism into the Church. This afternoon we will also be seeing the priest who baptized her.

Mercy is something I suck at, quite frankly. Receiving mercy has not come easily to me. I still shrink at the thought of going to reconciliation and so I find giving mercy just as difficult. It is something I need to work on and am being blessed with the opportunities to work on each day being a wife and mother. Mercy can be something as simple as forgiving my husband for being late before he even gets home and not chewing him out. It can be drawing my girls in for a hug when they are being crazy and I just want to yell at them until steam comes out of my ears. I take incredible comfort and strength from praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy. The words, “Jesus, I trust in You” repeated again and again become my armour and my hope that all is well and all will be well when it is in His hands. I was reminded this morning in prayer that there is no detail of my life too tiny for His concern. With that truth, I give it all to Him. The good, the bad and the ugly. Knowing He can take it, because He already has…to the cross and back again.


Today is the official beginning of Spring! The beautiful part is that it really does feel like Spring out there. Ben only had one day off this week and we spent it largely at home, out in the sunshine. He raked up the lawns while the girls played happily and I sat in the sun and knitted. It was glorious to sit outside without shoes on and let my skin feel the sun.

It is nice to go places as a family, but I must say that having our own backyard and place to call home is really making this weather all the better. Happy Spring to you and yours! I think we might celebrate by having a picnic in the backyard this afternoon. If we’re lucky we may even see a fairy in the garden! *The girls new favorite game to play*