Our First House!

It’s official!
The house inspection went very well! Our Uhaul is booked, our walls are bare and our hallway is beginning to look like a storage space. I’m trying to take it just one day at a time and not let myself be overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of work to be done and details to be taken care of before we move. Who am I kidding? I am feeling overwhelmed. I have been fighting it with scripture and praise. When I feel the never ending to do list flooding my mind, I turn the Christian music up a little louder and sing my heart out to the One who will give me true peace. And when I just can’t bare the mess of the apartment anymore, the girls and I leave for a walk or get in the car and take off for a few hours.
It is so funny to me how we waited literally years for Ben’s residency to come through and then once it did, BOOM! Ben goes to NZ, he gets a promotion, we get approved for a mortgage, we buy a house. The roller coaster just sped up a whole lot these last few months and we are holding on and trying to give thanks in every moment. We have been so very blessed! God is so good!!
Only 21 days to go now! Owning your own home is really nothing like paying rent. In our apartment building if something breaks, we call the landlord. In our house, it’s all on us. It is going to be really special but also requires trust in God that He knows what we can handle. I thought that Lucy would be very confused by the whole thing and get upset when she saw me packing but she has been great about it! She asks everyday if we can see the new house and asks when she can play in her new backyard. She has even been helping me pack sheets, blankets and some toys.
Look what I found when I was taking the garbage out the other night? A really sweet little picnic table for my munchkins to enjoy their outdoor meals on. They love it and Abigail is forever climbing it. I have given up on trying to stop her. She has also figured out how to climb the double bed in the spare room by gripping with her toes and pulling herself up.
There hasn’t been much happening here other than lots of packing, playing, praying, feeding, bathing, and changing the girls. There isn’t really time for much else and I am perfectly content with that since I know that in a few short weeks we will have lots of time to unpack and enjoy our first summer in our new home. I hope that this whole house thing isn’t boring you guys. It’s just so consuming when it’s all going down! I did want to share a picture with you though of a little planting box that our home owners are leaving behind for us. What do you think we should plant? We’ve never planted a proper vegetable garden before and we are super excited about it!

I Hope This Is It!

After seeing disappointing house after disappointing house, we have finally found ourselves a gem. The girls had been sick all week and it was a terrible time getting them to and from houses only to find nothing that suited us. We finally went to see a lovelyyyyyyyyy semi-detached home in Timberlea, only minutes away from the city (Seaport Market, here we come) and still within reasonable distance to Ben’s workplace. We prayed a novena to St. Joseph in hopes that he would help us find the right home for us. Our novena ended on Friday and we found our house on Monday. St. Joseph is the man!

I am trusting that there are no crazies out to get me online so I am posting the link to the house we just bought! All that is left is the home inspection next Monday which we are fairly confident is going to go really well. This house is just amazing. When you walk in it is a split level house. The 3 bedrooms, main bathroom and laundry room are downstairs and the living room, dining room, kitchen and half bath are on the top floor. There is a fenced in backyard, a shed, a good sized deck. There is definitely room for a veggie garden and plenty of room for the girls to play. It is in a subdivision which I am told has lots of children. It is actually just around the corner from the house we originally put an offer in on, i.e we can STILL WALK TO CHURCH! (until it closes and moves to the bigger location in a year or two)…but still! In the meantime we will enjoy that so much. The people that live there now have done so much work to the place, it’s gorgeous. It is move in ready. There are no carpets, no wallpaper, the paint is beautiful. The toilets are brand new low flow eco-friendly toilets, new dishwasher and all appliances included. I never ever imagined that we could find something so lovely for our price range. I feel so totally spoiled by God. He never stops surprising me that’s for sure!

Our closing date is April 28th and providing it’s all a go we will be moving in on the 29th. There is much to be done. Too much really. I’m just trusting that if we consistently do a little everyday than we will be in good shape come Easter. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, they have been felt and are very much appreciated!

I’ve meaning to share what we have taken on for this Lenten season but it never felt right to tag it onto a post. Since we are already into Lent I thought I may as well. This year I decided to pray with the girls a little more throughout the day. To do that I turned our television cabinet into a prayer bench of sorts. Each day at some point we pray a decade of the Rosary. We also come in the mornings to say good morning to Jesus and Mary. On this prayer bench is a purple cloth (my scarf) topped with a small statue of Our Lady, a crucifix, some rosaries, a few spiritual books (for young and old) and a crown of thorns which is actually just a wicker wreath I bought for 25 cents at a thrift shop. It isn’t fancy and it only cost me 25 cents, but just this gathering of holy things and placing them together creates a special place for prayer.
I can’t tell you the times I have knelt down at this bench and prayed for grace to get through the day. I typically sit in my rocking chair to pray but having a bench that is low enough for the girls to reach makes for a more family friendly prayer time. Already this lent, I have given thanks, cried, praised, begged and found strength all while kneeling at this little family altar. I found this really interesting, just scroll down to where it talks about family altars.
As I mentioned last week, I have given up facebook for lent and it is proving to be very difficult mostly with our awesome new house news that I can’t share with the rest of our friends who don’t visit this blog. Spread the word, okay? I am so grateful for the extra time I am getting to do other things in our home though. It is cleaner in here than it has been in months, and I am finally finding some new motivation to meal plan. I think this also has something to do with Spring finally being here. I hope you are seeing some signs of Spring where you are, having a really blessed lent and finding strength in Christ for this journey. Please keep those prayers coming just until everything is finalized. Thanks!

Not Our Home

It was too good to be true, friends. We went in for our home inspection this morning and stopped the inspector about halfway through because there was just no point in continuing. The roof needed replacing, there were soffits missing the whole way around the house (I don’t know what that means but they are expensive to replace). There were support beams missing in the basement. There were some cracks in the foundation, blah blah blah. I am so totally heartbroken because I was so sure that it was the house for us. How could it not be with the Church just across the road? I feel like such a fool to think that this old, charming house could be just right for us without really considering the amount of work that might need to be done on the place. Luckily we will get our deposit back and will only have to pay for 1/2 of the inspection, but I am so sad. I think I was letting my intense need to get out of apartment living cloud my good judgement and I became too attached to this house.

I guess this Lent really will be about letting go and letting God. Just not in the way I had first imagined. If you could continue to pray for us in all of this I would be so grateful. I am trying to be positive and trust that God has something better for us in mind but I am just afraid that we won’t find something as lovely as that house we just let go of. I’m now going to drown my sorrows in a poutine and some seriously delicious Glazed Pear and Yogurt Cake.

Our Home

We bought a house! A really lovely, sunlight filled, 2600 square foot, big backyard, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, house! There are no words to describe the feelings of joy and thankfulness I have going on inside of me knowing that within days of Lent being over and Easter having begun we will be moving into our very first family home.
We saw this house online originally and thought it was seriously adorable, white picket fence and all. It is not in the same town that we were first searching for and it seemed so random to be drawn to it but we had to see it. As God would have it, it was ‘the’ house! The house that is pretty much across the street from a Catholic church that has daily mass several times a week.
My feelings of elation have been nearly squashed several times in the last not even 24 hours by the overwhelming feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear of the hugeness of what we are getting into. This Lent will never be forgotten and will be quite different I am sure to any that we have yet experienced as a family. There are many phone calls to be made, things to be packed into boxes and rooms to be painted. Having given up facebook for Lent, I will likely be around this space more often as a way of connecting and also of sharing all of the preparations that we are up to. If you would please pray for us in this time, I would be so thankful. I am so grateful for all of you that read about our little life here and share in it through your prayers and comments. God is so very good and I know in my heart that this house has Him written all over it.
We prayed for space for our growing family and boy, did He deliver! There are 3 bedrooms on the top floor, our room being the largest with a sitting room in it (aka a nursery). On the main level there is a kitchen with banquette seating, table and chairs. Then there is the bathroom, a closet containing our washing machine (the dryer is in the basement for some odd reason), a playroom, a living room and a dining room. Shut the front door, right??! In the basement is the mudroom with a walkout entrance into the backyard. There is a 4th bedroom that needs a subfloor, a bathroom with the most bizarre short tub, a rec room of sorts (also needing a subfloor) and a workshop which is now forever going to be called ‘The Man Cave’. The front and backyard are fenced in. I will be putting up a ton of pictures when we move in but until then, here are some pictures I pulled from the MLS.ca website where we first saw the house. Here she is….the newest addition of the Andrews family…our first home!!!!
Providing everything goes through in the next ten days with all the little details, we will be taking possession of the house on April 28th. We look forward to having you all come for a visit! We will have plenty of room 🙂
I’ll be back in the next few days to share about how we are spending our Lenten days. We signed all of the paperwork last night and with Ash Wednesday being today, it has thrown me for a loop!