Here Again

I have long debated whether I should just pack this little blog up and call it a day. Do people even read blogs anymore? Obviously, they do, but with the convenience and instant gratification of Twitter shares and Instagram hearts, how can we hope to compete? The answer for me at least, is that I can’t. If I am going to start sharing my heart here again it has to be for the right reasons. Not for likes, comments or shares.

Another apprehension I have had about writing again is that I feel so much pressure to be grammatically correct. God forbid I misuse a comma or forget one and an online reader deem me unfit to homeschool my children!

So, I’m just going to be real here. What I have to share with you is not perfect, but it’s me. I think the same holds true for my (and your) mothering/homeschooling journey. Our kids don’t need us for all that we can do. They need us for all that we are. My faith, my strength, my laughter, my gifts, my femininity, my perseverance to grow in virtue are all unique to me and they are the legacy I am slowly handing down to my little ones, for better or for worse.

There will likely be dark grainy photos at times and grammatical errors, to be sure, but I find so much joy in sharing about our days together and the transition we are in from a house full of toddlers and preschoolers into a house with a seven, nearly six, and nearly three year old.

I refuse to keep letting fear hinder me from writing what I want to write, whether it turns out to be read-worthy or not.  I would always want my girls to bravely tell their stories and that is what I intend to do. image


September Days

photo(7) photo(9) photo(10) photo(12)

September was busy and beautiful. We started a new year of school at home together. We visited the local Wildlife Park, the girls started Irish Dance lessons, our oldest daughter turned six and had a sweet little party with her friends. I am so grateful to be going to bed truly tired. The days are so full right now with two busy girls who love to dance and sing and color and play LEGO and be read to..and my little son who is like a party in a can. He is always smiling and climbing things and laughing unless he is teething or sick in which case he is hanging off my legs all around the house or screeching and trying to hit me while I read to his sisters. Yikes.

In any case, I am ready for the cool days and hot drinks and a lap full of wool.

“Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I was a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns.” -George Eliot


Back To Homeschool

A lot has happened since I last properly blogged so I am not even going to try and bring you up to speed on life around here. Let’s just jump right in.

We started our school year with a morning spent at the local Wildlife Park. It was our first time there since Oliver started walking and he was so excited to chase the peacocks. And squirrels. And ducks. It’s incredible to think he will be two years old in January. The time has just flown by and he is a real charmer.


This year Lucy is in Kindergarten and Abigail is in Preschool.
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We are using the Sonlight curriculum for the second year now and quite happy with the read-aloud books offered. I was able to thrift many of the books for dirt cheap and then I felt zero guilt in picking up the last few on the list at full price or borrowing them from the library.

We are planning for lots of read aloud time each day which is our number one priority and then phonics for Lucy who is slowly but surely becoming a reader. We are using the book How To Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons and we love it. It is so straightforward and the lessons are short which help a lot. Our first week of getting back into our routine of being home has been so blessed. I hope to keep sharing here what we are up to this year! Join us 😊

Turning 30

Happy Friday, friends!

This week I am guest posting again on Mama Might and talking about what it’s like to be a woman, a mom and having just turned 30. Join us over at Mama Might

While i’ve got you here I wanted to mention we are nearly finished week two of homeschool for the year and it has been great so far! Those first few weeks though nerve wracking are always filled with a newness and love of structure for all of us. I know that will wear off with time but we are riding that wave for now and I’ve got plans for mini field trips once a month for this year to keep things fresh.



We’re Still Here


Hi friends,

I don’t know if any of you are still out there but I just wanted to update our little blog and say that we are still here! We had a fantastic first year of homeschooling. Life has been busy and full and our kids are growing like weeds! I have so much more to share but I will be back sometime soon to do so. For now, hi! 🙂